Quarantine For International Air Travelers Required In US: Joe Biden


US’s newly elected President Joe Biden issued an order on Thursday saying that international air travelers will require to quarantine upon U.S. arrival.

The Government recommended a 7-day quarantine for people arriving in the United States from nearly all countries.

He has also directed U.S. agencies to quickly implement a federal mask mandate in interstate transportation.

What The New Rule Says

  • The Biden administration is implementing new coronavirus testing requirements for almost all international passengers starting Tuesday after receiving a CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) order last week.
  • Under the new rules, all U.S. passengers aged 2 and over must receive negative COVID-19 test results within three calendar days of commencing their journey.
  • The Biden administration announced that it would ban most non-U.S.

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Citizens recently in Brazil, the UK, Ireland, and most of continental Europe after President Donald Trump issued an order on Monday Rules will take effect on the same day the new tests were canceled.

Biden also wants new public health policies in US seaports. In October, the CDC expired a no-sail cruise ship order.

Notably, a US House committee said the White House had prevented the CDC from extending the pandemic-related no-sail regulation until mid-February.

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