Qatar: Hayya Cards Holders Can Invite 3 World Cup Fans Without Tickets


Hayya Card holders travelling to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which begins on November 20, can now invite up to three fans to join them, even if they do not have world cup match tickets.

Hayya with Me (1+3)

The ‘Hayya with Me (1+3)’ feature enables international Hayya Card holders to invite up to three non-ticketed fans to the FIFA World Cup, which runs from November 20 to December 18.

The feature is only available to Hayya Card holders who are 18 or older and applied with a FIFA World Cup ticket number. It should be noted that non-ticketed fans can be of any age but must have a valid passport and cannot be Qatar ID holders.

They must also confirm their hotel accommodations in Qatar for the tournament duration. Each Hayya with Me (1+3) applicant must pay a QAR 500 non-refundable fee. Children under the age of 12 will be exempt from the charge.


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Qatar Travel Requirements

How to Apply for Hayya Card?

Approved Hayya Cardholders should take the following steps to use the Hayya with Me (1+3) feature:

Step 1: Select ‘My Hayya’ and click ‘Action’
Step 2: Select ‘Hayya with Me’
Step3: Holder will see three voucher codes
Step 4: Voucher codes should be given to non-ticketed applicants

The Hayya with Me (1+3) applicant should follow these steps:

  • Apply for Hayya Card
  • From ‘Applicant Category’, select ‘Hayya with Me Voucher’
  • Enter voucher code
  • Select ‘Validate my Voucher’
  • Accept terms, review and submit

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International fans who have submitted valid Hayya Card applications will be emailed an entry permit to the State of Qatar. The Hayya Card will grant access to stadiums, free public transportation throughout the tournament and numerous discounts.

Every Hayya Card application will require a user’s accommodation to be confirmed, whether booked through the Qatar Accommodation Agency (QAA) or a third party.

Fans are also reminded that the QAA offers the broadest range of accommodations, including cruise ship cabins, apartments, villas, hotels, and fan villages.


The QAA offers a variety of options, starting at $80 per room, per night for two people. New inventory is now available through the QAA and will be added in the coming weeks; fans are encouraged to keep checking the portal.

Fans can also book accommodations from third-party providers such as hotels and vacation rental websites.

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