Qatar Airways to lay off some pilots, cut wages

Pilots will be included in previously announced job cuts, the sources said, while others will have their salaries reduced by 15% to 25%.

Qatar Airways will fire some pilots and cut others’ salaries by up to a quarter due to the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Pilots will be included in the previously announced job cuts, while others’ salaries will be reduced by 15% to 25%.

A spokesman for the airline declined to comment.

Bloomberg reported layoffs and wage cuts and cited an internal letter announcing that Qatarii nationals were exempt from the wage cuts.


The state airline has previously deferred wages, with some employees receiving half of their wages from April to June for later repayment.

The Qatar Airways Group, which includes the airline, Hamad International Airport and other airlines in Doha, had previously announced it would lay off almost 20% of its more than 40,000 employees.

Later it was said that fewer could be fired.

The golf airlines Emirates and Etihad Airways have also fired employees and cut salaries to prevent a monetary crisis caused by the pandemic and the related decline in air traffic.


(Source – ET Travel)

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