Qatar Airways is now the largest airline in the world


Qatar Airways announced that it was the world’s largest passenger and cargo airline amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the illegal blockade, Qatar Airways has continued to operate in the past three years and continues to grow. Since June 2017, all Qatar Airways flights have been banned from flying into the airspace and airports of Emirati, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt due to the diplomatic crisis in 2017.

All airlines from these countries are also excluded from Qatar airspace and airports. But the airline appears to have been successful during the COVID-19 crisis.

The airline has built strong levels of trust with passengers and governments around the world for continuing to operate to take people home and its leadership on safety measures,” wrote Qatar Airways, “Besides, Hamad International Airport leads the way with strong levels of customer service while implementing the latest technologies to optimize passenger and employee safety.”


Chief Executive of Qatar Airways Group, Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “It has been a testing few years but Qatar Airways will always continue to represent our country with integrity, flying our nation’s flag proudly around the world. Our robust business planning, swift actions in the face of the crisis, customer-focused solutions and dedicated staff have enabled us to continue succeeding in the face of two unprecedented aviation events. Despite the many attempts by the blockading countries to blemish our excellent reputation, I am proud to say that my country and the airline have managed to persevere and grow over the last three years.

Our airline like our country remains open to engagement, that is why when gave away 100,000 complimentary tickets to health care workers around the world to say thank-you for their important work during this crisis. We even allocated tickets for the blockading countries, further highlighting our noble and philanthropic intentions. I am pleased that health care professionals in all of these countries claimed the full allocation, and we look forward to taking them on a thoroughly deserved holiday as travel restrictions around the world ease.

“The Qatar Airways Group, like the nation it represents is resilient and strong. The achievements we have made despite the illegal blockade stand as a tribute to the commitment, drive and perseverance of our staff and of our nation under its young ruler Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, to whom we dedicate our work.”

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