Philippines Offers Visa-Free Entry for Select Indian Travellers

The Philippines is making it easier for Indian tourists to visit! The country is expediting e-visa processing and offering visa-free entry for travelers holding valid visas from certain countries.

The Philippines enhances its tourism appeal for Indian travellers with a streamlined visa process. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has initiated expedited e-visa processing and outlined visa-free entry conditions for select Indian tourists, making it easier to visit the Southeast Asian destination.

Visa-Free Entry for Indian Travellers

Indian nationals can now enjoy visa-free entry into the Philippines under specific conditions to promote tourism and cultural exchange. This policy enables eligible Indian tourists to enter the Philippines without a visa for a stay of up to fourteen (14) days. The criteria for visa-free entry include:

Eligibility Requirements for Visa-Free Entry

Valid Visas or Residence Permits: Travellers must possess a valid or unexpired visa or permanent residence permit from the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Schengen Area countries, Singapore, or the United Kingdom.

  • Passport Validity: Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended stay in the Philippines.
  • Return or Onward Ticket: Tourists need to present a return or onward ticket to their next destination.
  • Clean Record: Visitors should have no derogatory record with the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, or Interpol.

Extension of Stay

Qualified Indian tourists can extend their initial 14-day visa-free stay by an additional seven (7) days, making the maximum stay twenty-one (21) days. It’s essential to note that the visa-free entry is strictly for tourism purposes and is non-convertible to other visa categories. Business travellers must secure the appropriate visas for their specific needs.


Expedited E-Visa Processing

In addition to visa-free entry, President Marcos Jr. has mandated the acceleration of e-visa processing for Indian visitors. This new directive aims to reduce the processing time significantly, facilitating quicker travel plans for Indian nationals who wish to visit the Philippines.

Streamlined E-Visa Requirements

Application Submission: Indian travellers can apply for their e-visas through the designated online portal or the nearest Philippine consulate or embassy.

Processing Time: The e-visa application process, which previously took several days, will now be expedited, though exact times may vary. This ensures a more efficient travel experience, particularly for those who do not qualify for visa-free entry.

Visa Application Process in India

For Indian nationals planning stays longer than the visa-free period or those needing specific visas for purposes other than tourism, applications can be submitted based on regional jurisdiction:

  • Delhi and Northern Regions: Apply at the Philippine Embassy in New Delhi.
  • Mumbai and Western Regions: Submit applications to the Philippine Consulate General in Mumbai.
  • Chennai and Southern Regions: Visit the Philippine Consulate General in Chennai for applications.
  • Kolkata and Eastern Regions: Apply at the Philippine Consulate General in Kolkata.

Visa processing at these locations generally takes eight working days from the personal appearance or interview date.

Requirements for Citizens of Other Countries

Similar visa procedures and processing times apply to applicants from countries such as;

  1. Algeria
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Egypt
  5. East Timor
  6. Iraq
  7. Iran
  8. Jordan
  9. Lebanon
  10. Libya
  11. Nigeria
  12. Pakistan
  13. Palestine
  14. Sri Lanka
  15. Sudan
  16. Syria
  17. Yemen
  18. Somalia

Boosting Tourism and Bilateral Relations

The dual approach of offering visa-free entry and expediting e-visa processing reflects the Philippines’ commitment to making the country a more accessible and attractive destination for Indian tourists.

By simplifying entry requirements and speeding up the visa process, the Philippine government aims to strengthen tourism ties and foster greater cultural and economic exchanges with India.


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