Oops! India slips 10 positions From Adventure Tourism Competitive Index 2020

India lost 10 positions from ATDI's Adventure ranking index. Errr....not a good news. See who is on top and more info.

Not a good news, but India as an Adventure Tourism destination has slipped 10 positions in the last two years to finish 96th in the acclaimed Adventure Tourism Competitive Index ranking (ATDI) for 2020.

The Index report was released by Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) together with George Washington University International Institute of Tourism Studies (GW).

India ranks much lower than its neighbors, Bhutan, and Nepal, as per the global rankings.

Both Bhutan and Nepal moved up one place and seven places, respectively between 2018 and 2020 ATDIs. And, Sri Lanka lost nine positions to finish 97th behind India.


According index of ATDI 2020, Iceland and Czech Republic maintained their top positions as the world’s most competitive adventure tourism destinations.

ATDI evaluates competitiveness by separating developed and developing destinations from Adventure Tourism, every second year.

While Iceland maintained its first pole position in the category of “developed” countries; The Czech Republic also remained this year as number one in the developing country category.

Since 2008, ATDI has ranked 191 countries into ten pillars.


According to the ADTI 2020 ranking, Switzerland maintained its second position in the ranking in the “developed adventure destination” category for the second year, Chile displaced Israel for second place in the “Developing” category.

The 10 different aspects that ATDI considers to classify the destinations are Sustainable Development Policy, Security, Health, Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, Resources for Adventure Activities, Humanitarian, Entrepreneurship, Tourist Infrastructure and Image.

The release of this year’s report comes amid the global pandemic caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19. So, when the travel resumes, ATTA believes that all the adventurous-landscapes will possibly be safer and tourism will normalize.

And once again, tourist-destinations around the world will compete to capture the attention and dollars of adventure tourists.


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