Oman To Give 10-Day Visa-Free Entry To 103 Countries, Including India


In a move to support tourism and shore up its struggling economy, Oman has decided to exempt nationals of 103 counties including India from needing an entry visa for a stay of up to 10 days, Royal Oman Police said on Wednesday.

Visitors must have a confirmed hotel reservation, health insurance and a return ticket.

“Nationals of 103 counties are exempted from entry visas into the Sultanate for a period of ten days,” it said.

last week the country said it would resume granting tourist visas to people visiting on trips arranged by hotels and travel companies after they were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Gulf state resumed international flights on Oct. 1, but only citizens and people holding valid existing residency and work visas could enter.

Oman, rated sub-investment grade by all major credit rating agencies, faces a widening deficit and large debt maturities in the coming few years. It has recently embarked on a new fiscal plan to wean itself off its dependence on oil revenues.

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