Oman Expends Travel Ban To Include India, Pakistan And Bangladesh


The Supreme Committee of Oman in a meeting on Wednesday expanding the ban on entry to the Sultanate to cover travelers from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and passengers arriving from any other country if they passed by any of the three countries over the past 14 days.

The three countries are thereby added to the list of countries from which travelers were earlier banned from entering Oman.

The ban ‪begins at 6 pm on Saturday, 24 April 2021, and continues till further notice. This is with the exception of arriving passengers who are Omani citizens, diplomats or health workers, and their families.

The exempted groups will undergo the prescribed entry procedures when they reach the Sultanate’s land.


The Committee also decided not to allow children below 12 years to enter commercial complexes and other trade outlets.

In this context, the Committee instructs commercial complexes, commercial outlets, restaurants, and cafeterias to comply and limit the entry therein of customers to 50% of the outlets’ capacity. Legal action will be taken against any party that fails to abide by the decisions.

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