Oman Air Announces New Policy For Access Baggage


Oman Air on Tuesday announced new policy for access baggage and updates its existing ‘extra bag’ fee with a new weight-based fee.

The airline is now offering ‘More Bags for Less’ to passengers who require more baggage allowance.

Earlier, economy class passengers (excluding Super Saver) were allowed two bags and a total of 30 KG, and passengers exceeding the 30 KG were required to pay a fixed excess bag fee.

Oman Air Updates Baggage Policy

While the revised policy maintains the 30-kilogram free baggage allowance, it differs in the fact that passengers are no longer limited to 2 bags and excess fees are calculated based on 5-kilogram weight increments.


Free baggage allowances have also been revised for Business and First and aim to provide all Oman Air guests with more convenience at a time when travel behaviors are constantly changing to adapt to COVID-19 health and safety measures.

Oman Air reminds passengers that the Standard Bag Specifications are total linear dimensions of up to 159 cm and a maximum weight of 32 kg. A single-baggage exceeding 159 cm in dimensions but within 32 kg of weight is subject to the Oversized Baggage Charge over and above any excess weight baggage charges.

Excess baggage is available for advance purchase on, as well as through the Oman Air call center, sales offices, and various travel agencies.

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