Now pay with Indian currency at Dubai Airport


The Indian rupee is now a currency accepted at stores in all of Dubai’s airports, according to an announcement by Dubai duty-free.

Travelers to and from India are a key client for Dubai’s airports. Last year, of the 90 million passengers who used Dubai’s airports, 12 million of them traveled to or from Indian destinations.


Dubai duty-free started accepting the Indian rupee from July 1, and therefore the currency is going to be accepted at all point of sales in Terminal 1, 2, 3 of Dubai International Airport, and Al Maktoum International airport.

One necessary factor to notice, however, is that amendment will be given back to customers in UAE dirhams, not rupees (meaning you will need to spend your change if you are simply transiting).


Those who purchase things in Euros, pounds or us dollars are able to receive change in those same currencies, however.

Stores can accept notes of various denominations, as well as 100s, 200s, 2000s, and 500s (but only the new 500 notes). The move makes the Indian rupee the 16th international currency to be accepted at Dubai’s airports.

“The sales to passengers traveling to India is additionally a major portion of Dubai Duty-Free’s business and it contributes to almost 11% of our total business,” said Ramesh Cidambi, COO of port duty-free. “Our view is that the power to make payment in Indian rupee is another convenient possibility for our Indian passengers.”

Dubai duty-free shared this picture with The National, indicating these notes as the ones they’re going to accept:

Indian Currency Accepted in Dubai
Indian Currency Accepted at Dubai Airport

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