No tourism activities in Goa and Kerala till the year end?



Goa Tourism Clarifies that there is no plan to suspend tourism activities till year end.

We posted this story as it is said by the CM of Goa on CNBC TV 18. Here is the video of the news from CNBC-TV18


The novel coronavirus outbreak has greatly affected India, with the total number of cases crossing 9,000 on Monday.

Travel and Tourism industry is highly affected from the coronavirus. Amidst this, Goa and Kerala have reportedly announced that there will be no tourism activities in both states till the end of the year.

“At present till April 30 we are not promoting any tourism activity. We have already asked the Prime Minister to continue the ban on airlines and railways. We are banning roads transport also. After April 30, we can think about railways and airline but we need to wait for tourism activity, it will start in the month of November-December onwards but at present we are not thinking of ant tourism activity.” Pramod Sawant CM of Goa Said.

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