No Need to Apply to MoCA For International Travel: Aviation Ministry


The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) on Wednesday in a social media post clarifies that those who wish to travel on International Flights do not need to apply through the MoCA website and they can directly book their tickets with the respective airlines.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on 22nd August issues a Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) for international travel and Clause 2B(iii) of the order states that “The persons who are eligible to travel on the outbound flights, will apply to MoCA or to an agency/agencies designated by MoCA for this purpose with necessary details, including places of departure & arrival.”

However, the ministry in a series of tweets informed that it has designated all the airlines operating under VBM & Air Transport Bubble Arrangements as designated agencies for this purpose.

And, Passengers may book tickets directly with the airlines concerned. They need not apply/register with the Ministry of Civil Aviation.


The commercial flight operations on international routes are suspended since the coronavirus lockdown imposed on March 23.

Although, the govt has been operation special repatriation flights with flag carrier Air India under Vande Bharat Mission via air transport Bubble arrangements with other nations.

Since July, airlines of both countries are operating special flights with the US, the UK, the UAE, Germany, France, and Qatar under the air transport bubble agreement.


Under VBM phase 6, which is going to start from 1st September, Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said more flights and destinations are going to be added. He had already said that India is currently negotiating with 13 countries, including Australia, Japan, and Singapore to establish separate bilateral air bubble arrangements for international flight operations.

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