No Discussion On Air Bubble Arrangement With India, Says Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore


Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore on Thursday, Jan 28 said that Singapore and India are in talks about resuming scheduled commercial passenger flights gradually between the two countries, but it is not discussing an air travel bubble arrangement with India.

CAAS was responding to media queries regarding a CNBC interview with India’s High Commissioner to Singapore P Kumaran, where he said negotiations were ongoing for an air travel bubble between the two countries.

On Jan. 25, during an interview with CNBC, P. Kumaran stated that talks between India and Singapore on the resuming flight operations between both countries are “ongoing.”

He said there is a “fair amount of interest on both sides” to enhance connectivity, which has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and that there is a “draft under consideration.”


However, on Jan. 28, CAAS clarified that this may not be a bubble similar to one previously floated by Singapore with other territories.

In a statement by Daniel Ng, Director (Air Transport) of CAAS, he said, “Countries may have different understanding on what an air travel bubble is. Singapore is not discussing an air travel bubble arrangement with India as Singaporeans understand it to be.”

He confirmed that there is interest on both sides to explore gradually resuming international scheduled commercial passenger flights between Singapore and India.

However, travellers will be subject to travel restrictions and border and health measures, such as testing and Stay-Home Notices.


Singapore, recently, was set to be ready to build a bubble with Hong Kong, but plans failed in December 2020 after a high number of unrelated Covid-19 cases were reported in the Special Administrative Region.

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