No Change In Policy Of Reserved Tickets On Express Trains: Indian Railways


Indian Railways on Sunday denied claims about the issuance of unreserved tickets.

The department stated that the guidelines for the operation of all express trains, including festival specials and clone specials, have only been changed as fully reserved trains by adding reserved tickets for coaches of the second class were issued and the passenger share of the SLR bus.

It was made clear that the “permission” of the zone railways to issue non-reserved tickets is intended for suburban trains and a limited number of trains.

In a statement, the Railway Ministry said: “There has been no change in policy to run all express trains including festival specials and clone specials as the fully reserved train only as yet. Accordingly, till further advice, the existing mail express special trains including festival or holiday specials, clone specials which are running on the fully reserved basis (as on date) shall be continued as fully reserved only, by issuing reserved tickets for second class coaches and passenger portion of SLRs also.”


“Zonal railways have been given permission to issue non-reserved tickets. This is only for suburban trains and a limited number of local passenger trains that run in a few zones.”

It was said that the driving of trains, travel standards, and reservations under Covid times are constantly evolving. Further changes, as soon as they occur, would be communicated accordingly to all parties involved.

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