New Italy Consulate in Bengaluru to Process Over 20,000 Visas per Year

Witness the inauguration of Italy's Consulate General in Bengaluru, heralding a new chapter in India-Italy relations. This consulate serves as a nexus for cultural, scientific, and business collaboration, while also providing a streamlined visa application process, fostering enhanced connectivity between the two nations.

In a significant milestone for diplomatic relations between Italy and India, the new Consulate General of Italy officially commenced its operations in Bengaluru, South India, with the formal opening of its office on Richmond Road. Top Italian diplomats graced the inaugural ceremony, marking a historic moment of collaboration between the two nations.

A Bridge of Connectivity

Ambassador Riccardo Guariglia, Secretary General of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, emphasized the importance of the new consulate in bridging the geographical gap between Italy and the South of India.

“This office will abridge the distance between Italy and the South of India,” Ambassador Guariglia stated. He went on to outline the ambitious goals of the consulate, which include expanding business opportunities in both directions, streamlining visa processing, and fostering cultural and scientific collaborations.

A Strategic Partnership

Ambassador of Italy to India, Vincenzo de Luca, highlighted the historic moment in the collaboration between the two nations.


He noted that the partnership had been elevated to a strategic level during the inauguration of the Raisina Dialogue by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in March, following an invitation from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A Pioneering Consul General

Consul General Alfonso Tagliaferri, a key figure in establishing the consulate in Bengaluru, shared his vision for the new office. He expressed the goal of processing at least 20,000 to 30,000 visas annually, with potential for even more. Reflecting on the consulate’s journey, Tagliaferri remarked, “It’s been a complex, but fascinating journey.

In 2022, we already had a symbolic inauguration with our then-foreign minister, but that was basically the laying of the first stone. Now, after a year of intense work, we have a beautiful and very functional office.”

An Integrated Hub

The Consulate General of Italy in Bengaluru will serve as a multi-faceted hub for various Italian organizations, including the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI), and Uni-Italia, the Italian Centre for Academic Promotion and Orientation for foreign students.


Additionally, plans are underway to host a ‘Scientific Attaché,’ a role that could play a pivotal role in leveraging the scientific and technological prowess of India’s Silicon Valley.

Streamlined Visa Processing

For those looking to visit Italy, the consulate in Bengaluru will offer efficient and speedy visa processing. With a goal to process at least 20,000 to 30,000 visas per year, applicants can expect a more accessible and convenient process. This will undoubtedly facilitate travel, trade, and cultural exchanges between the two nations.


The opening of the new consulate not only signifies enhanced diplomatic and trade ties between Italy and India but also strengthens the cultural and scientific exchanges that will undoubtedly benefit both nations.

With ambitious goals and a strategic vision, the Consulate General of Italy in Bengaluru is poised to be a vital catalyst for advancing cooperation and partnerships between the two countries.


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