Nepal Reopen For Tourists: Check Travel Guidelines Here


Last week the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has announced that the country is now open for all fully vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists.

However, not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated travelers arriving by Air have to quarantine for 10 days while the land border is only for fully vaccinated travelers.

Fully Vaccinated Travelers Do Not Have To Quarantine Upon Arrival: Fully Vaccinated travelers can now enter by air/ and borders. Unvaccinated/ not fully vaccinated travelers arriving by air have to quarantine for 10 days while land border entry is not permitted.

Nepal – Guidelines For Tourists

Essential Documents

  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Hotel Booking
  • Visa on Arrival
  • Recommendation letter (if not fully vaccinated)
  • 72 Hrs. PCR Negative Report
  • CCMC Form

Visa Before Arrival

  • Fully Vaccinated: Contact Nepalese Embassy or Consulate in your country.
  • Not Vaccinated/Not Fully Vaccinated: Contact Nepalese Embassy or Consulate in your country.

Visa On Arrival

  • Fully Vaccinated: Yes, granted at land or air entry points.
  • Not Vaccinated/Not Fully Vaccinated: Yes, But only with pre-recommendation from your travel agent in Nepal.


  • Fully Vaccinated: No Quarantine
  • Not Vaccinated/Not Fully Vaccinated: 10 days hotel quarantine. PCR test on Day 11 before traveling within the country.

Important: You should be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before you travel to Nepal

Before You Fly

  • Negative Covid-19 Test (RT-PCR. Gene Expert or True NAAT) report (Ideally with photo) 72 hours or less before the first flight
  • Travel Insurance
  • Vaccination Certificate In English
  • Hotel Booking
    • Fully Vaccinated: for initial days as per itinerary
    • Not fully vaccinated: 10 days
  • CCMC Online Form ( – and keep confirmation with barcode handy)
Airlines Could Check Before You Board
  • Vaccination Status.
  • Negative Covid-19 test report.
  • Hotel booking confirmation.
  • CCMC form filled confirmation (BarCode).
  • It not fully vaccinated: Nepal Travel Agents Recommendation Letter for VoA.

Once In Nepal

  • Upon Arrival: Rapid Antigen test at port of entry or at the Hotel.
  • Important: Local destinations may have their own entry protocols. Check with your agent or read up before you go into the destinations. They are not restrictive. but best to be updated.
  • If You Develop Symptoms: Get yourself tested, sell isolate, or avail medical treatment important: Check that your travel insurance covers coved 19 related rescue and treatment. All rescue and treatment have to be paid yourself.

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