Neos Airline Launches New One-Stop Flight From Amritsar to Toronto via Milan

Neos Airline has launched a new one-stop flight from Amritsar to Toronto via Milan, offering a convenient travel option for the Punjabi diaspora in Canada. The flight will operate once a week and is expected to boost economic development in the region.

Neos Airline, an Italian airline, has recently started its flight services from Amritsar’s Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport to Toronto.

As per the details shared by the carrier, it will operate a one-stop flight connecting Amritsar with Toronto via Milan Malpensa Airport. The first flight was launched on April 6, 2023.

The CEO of Neos Airline, Stradiotti, stated that the flight will operate once a week on Thursdays, including a short international stop at Milan in Italy. The number of flights will increase gradually depending on the response from travelers upon the launch of the service.

Neos Airline Amritsar-Toronto Flight Schedule

The flight schedule for Neos Airline’s flight No. 3249 will leave Amritsar every Thursday at 3:15 am and reach Milan Malpensa Airport at 8:20 am (local time). After a transit time layover of about 4 hours and 10 minutes, flight No. 4348 will leave Milan at 12:30 pm and arrive in Toronto at 3 pm.

In the return journey, Neos Airline’s flight No. 4349 will depart from Toronto Pearson Airport every Thursday at 5:00 pm, landing at Milan the next day at 6:50 am on Friday. The flight will then leave Milan at 10:00 am and reach Amritsar the same day on Friday night at 9:15 pm. The transit time through Milan is short, only 3 hours and 10 minutes.

Flight No.Departure CityDeparture TimeArrival CityArrival Time
3249Amritsar3:15 AMMilan8:20 AM
4348Milan12:30 PMToronto3:00 PM
4349Toronto5:00 PMMilan6:50 AM (next day)
4349Milan10:00 AMAmritsar9:15 PM

Anantdeep Singh Dhillon, convenor of the North America for Fly Amritsar Initiative, and Harjap Singh Aujla, president of the Amritsar Vikas Manch, believe that Neos Airline’s one-stop flight between Amritsar and Toronto via Milan will help the city and region’s economic development.

It will not only benefit people, but it will also provide new opportunities for farmers to export their products directly from Amritsar rather than through Delhi, they said.


The launch of Neos Airline’s one-stop flight from Amritsar to Toronto has piqued the interest of local NGOs and Canada’s large Punjabi diaspora.

Previously, flying to Toronto from Punjab was time-consuming due to multiple stops. According to reports, nearly 1 million Punjabis live in Canada, accounting for nearly 3% of the population. As a result, the introduction of a nonstop flight from Amritsar to Toronto is a significant step forward.

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