Myanmar Resumes Online e-Visa Service For Tourists Effective May 15


After keeping its borders closed for two years, Myanmar has now resumed the online e-Visa service for tourists. As a result, travellers will be able to visit Myanmar in the near future. The country has suspended all new e-visa applications due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, with the military coup-related violence remaining rife in Myanmar, governments around the world continue to advise their citizens to avoid all but necessary travel to the country.

In addition, activists are pushing visitors to avoid the country due to the junta’s ongoing problems.

In response, the Immigration and Population Ministry announced that their online e-visa service for tourist visa applications will restart on May 15, 2022.


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The Ministry of Immigration And Population of Myanmar has also issued a notice for tourists, and shared all the requirements, documents required, and eligibility to obtain the online e-Visa.

According to reports, the move came after the government resumed international commercial airline operations on April 17 and reopened its borders to international visitors.

It is worth noting that the Southeast Asian country resumed accepting business e-visa applications on April 1.


Myanmar created an online visa application platform in September 2014, and the official website has now started accepting e-visa applications.

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