Mumbai Airport’s Terminal 1 To Resume Operations From Oct 20


Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) on Monday said that it is all set to resume the domestic operation from Terminal 1 starting from October 20.

It must be noted that the Terminal 1 of Mumbai International Airport was closed earlier this year due to the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, the Terminal 1 of CSMIA will handle around domestic 156 flights daily, while 396 domestic and international services shall be handled by Terminal 2.

After a brief resumption in March this year, the operations on T1 were suspended and all operations continued from T2 in the wake of the second wave.


The CSMIA said that the move follows the nationwide vaccination drive and the increased passenger confidence in air travel and all Covid-19 protocols shall be strictly adhered to for peoples’ safety.

Domestic Airlines To Resume Operations From Terminal 1

Indian domestic airlines like GoFirst, Star Air, Air Asia, and TruJet will resume all their domestic flight operations from T1 starting 20th October, while IndiGo’s select flights will resume from 31st Oct with most of its flights continue to operate from T2.

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport has made arrangements for 12 registration desks and 12 testing booths for the incoming-outgoing passengers at T1 to enable them to undergo RT-PCR tests at the airport.

Terminal 1 will also implement physical distancing using measures such as the re-arrangement of seating, and installation of plexiglass to minimize face-to-face interactions amongst others at the terminal.


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