Mumbai Airport Ends Quarantine For Certain International Flyers: New Guidelines Here


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Sunday issued a new order and said that international passengers are exempted from the mandatory week-long institutional quarantine on arrival at Mumbai Airport if they have received both the doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Earlier, 7 days institutional quarantine is mandatory for all passengers arriving from Europe, UK, Middle East, South Africa, and Brazil.

“Elderly passengers above 65years of age, pregnant woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, both parents accompanying children below 5 years of age are among the passengers who may be considered from exemption from institutional quarantine: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation” ANI Twitted.

Apart from the vaccinated people, the new guidelines provide an exemption from quarantine to six other categories of people:

  1. Elderly passengers above 65 years of age.
  2. Pregnant woman in advance stage of pregnancy
  3. Both Parents accompanying children below 5 years of age.
  4. Passengers having a serious illness and require medical attention such as cancer, physical disability, mental illness, cerebral palsy on the production of supporting documents and medical conditions that need admission in the medical institutions immediately.
  5. Extreme family distress condition i.e. father, mother, son, daughter in critical condition ( on death bed), severe accident in the family, death of an immediate family member (only on production of convincing support document to the airport staff).
  6. Passengers who have completed both Covid-19 vaccine dosage (on the production of both vaccination certificates and also a self-declaration in prescribed format has to be produced).

“Passengers from the above categories may be considered an exemption from institutional quarantine subject to providing required documents to the satisfaction of In-charge Officer at the Airport. The exempted passengers shall strictly follow home quarantine rules and regulations and shall be liable for appropriate action for any breach of quarantine rules,” the BMC said.

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