Mumbai Airport: Domestic And International Quarantine Rules


Domestic flights resumed in India on May 25th. Even when domestic flights were limited, this didn’t stop people from traveling.

However, today most of us are concerned about our safety. Apart from that, the quarantine rules are different in each state, which leads to a lot of confusion among travelers.

To sort this out, keep this article bookmarked if you are arriving at Mumbai airport.

Here you will find all quarantine details applicable in Mumbai that you need to know.


For Domestic Travel

  • If you board a domestic flight from any state and arrive at Mumbai Airport, you can leave the airport but will have to remain in a 14-days-quarantine.
  • If you arrive at Mumbai Airport and return within seven days, there is no quarantine rule.
  • If you arrive at Mumbai Airport and have another flight connection, you must follow the destination country’s quarantine rule.
  • If you want to take a Vande Bharat flight but are arriving on a domestic flight and do not leave the airport after your arrival, you do not need to undergo quarantine. Be sure to check your destination’s quarantine rules before planning such a trip.

For International Travel

  • If you are arriving at Mumbai airport on a VBM flight, and you have no connecting flight to take, then you will have to undergo a seven-day-quarantine after your exit from the airport. Plus, a home-quarantine for another seven days.
  • If you then arrive by Vande Bharat flight and would like to travel further by road to your destination country, you must observe both the institutional and home quarantine rules as you are technically leaving the airport.
  • Persons who travel on international flights other than Vande Bharat with a further flight connection must observe the quarantine rules of the destination country.
  • If you arrive and exit from Mumbai Airport on an international flight instead of a Vande Bharat flight from another country, both the institutional quarantine and the home quarantine apply for seven days each.

All passengers are advised to download the Aarogya Setu app on their phone and submit a self-declaration form upon arrival.

If you are in Mumbai for a short period of time i.e., less than seven days to visit, you must provide details of your detailed onward journey to the authorities.

Before you leave the airport, you must undergo a thermal check upon arrival and will be stamped on your left hand.

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