Ministry of Tourism to discuss SOPs with state govt


The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India will discuss with the state tourism boards the SOPs for the sector in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Tourism Secretary of the Union has convened a meeting of the State Tourism Secretaries to discuss the SOP guidelines this week.

The Tourism Ministry has formulated broad guidelines for safety and hygiene in consultation with experts and the industry stakeholders which they would put across to the states for implementation with state specific changes if required to build confidence in the minds of the travellers about the tourism products and services.

Speaking at a webinar organised by the FICCI, Meenakshi Sharma, Director General – Tourism, Government of India said that the draft SOP guidelines will be discussed and finalised at the meeting with the Secretaries.


However, Sharma said that the Ministry is ready to consider a national Certification if the private industry is open for it. She said that a Third party assurance mechanism can also be considered if that can boost the confidence of the visitors on the product.

But, she said that the government doesn’t want to bring in additional regulation that would end up in harassment of the business as the product profile in the industry is quite diverse.

She said that although the government has stopped all marketing and promotion activities, they would embark on a very aggressive marketing campaign as the normalcy is achieved in international markets and travel sentiments improve. International marketing and promotions are highly competitive and important and India cannot be complacent when it comes to overseas marketing, she said.

(Source: ET)


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