Man Flies From Delhi To Kolkata Via Guwahati With COVID-19 Positive Report


A 34-year-old man with a COVID-19 positive report in his pocket flew from Delhi to Kolkata via Guwahati.

The passenger flew from Delhi to his home state – West Bengal on July 14.

Since flight operations from Delhi to Kolkata are still suspended, he took a connecting flight from Guwahati and reached Kolkata Airport around 5 p.m.

Upon arrival in Kolkata, the passenger insisted that the airport officials immediately send him to a quarantine center.


However, the Kolkata airport agency has not found any symptoms related to COVID-19 in the passenger, as his body temperature was also normal during the check.

The passenger refused to leave the site and insisted on being quarantined for coughing. “See, this is my COVID-19 score report,” said the passenger, taking the report out of his pocket.

The passenger was then handed over to the state health department and later sent to a COVID facility in Newtown near the airport.

Now the passengers of the two planes in which the COVID-positive passenger flew are contacted by the airlines.


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