Malindo Air To Resume Flights To India And Australia: Details, Schedule Here


Malindo Airways, a Malaysian hybrid-full service carrier announced that it has begun prepping a return of international flights to Perth (PER), Melbourne (MEL), and Brisbane (BNE) in Australia, as well as Trichy (TRZ), Mumbai (BOM), and Delhi (DEL) in India.

The announcement comes after many countries began reopening their borders and lifting travel restrictions, which should make travel and cargo transit easier.

Malindo Air Flights To/From India

On April 1, 2022, Malindo Air commenced four weekly flights between KUL and TRZ. On June 1 and 2, the airline will resume a four-times-weekly service to Delhi and a three-times-weekly service to Mumbai. By August 1, 2022, daily flights will be available to both destinations (7X weekly).

SectorFlight No.ETDETAFrequencyStart Date
KUL/TRZOD022321:2022:45Days 1/3/5/71 April
TRZ/KULOD022423:3506:10Days 1/3/5/71 April
KUL/BOMOD021519:1522:25Days 2/4/61 June
BOM/KULOD021623:1507:15Days 2/4/61 June
KUL/DELOD020518:0021:05Days 1/3/5/72 June
DEL/KULOD020622:0506:10Days 1/3/5/72 June
  • Kuala Lumpur and Trichy Frequency will be Daily flights effective 1 JUNE 2022
  • Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai Frequency will be Daily flights effective 1 AUG 2022
  • Kuala Lumpur and Delhi Frequency will be Daily flights effective 1 AUG 2022

Malindo Air will also launch new services to four other popular Indian cities as part of its future expansion plans: Kolkata, Bangalore, Amritsar, and Kochi.


Tickets are currently available for purchase. Malindo Air is offering exceptional one-way all-inclusive tickets in conjunction with the relaunch, as follows:

  • KUL/TRZ: Economy from RM669 & Business Class from RM1,459
  • KUL/BOM: Economy from RM899 & Business Class from RM1,999
  • KUL/DEL: Economy from RM899 & Business Class from RM1,999
  • KUL/MEL: Economy from RM1,799 & Business Class from RM7,999
  • KUL/BNE: Economy from RM1,799 & Business Class from RM7,999

Malindo Air Flights To/From Australia

VFR arrivals into Malaysia are expected to rise with the commencement of Malindo Air four times weekly between KUL and MEL (effective 17 June 2022); and three times weekly between KUL and BNE (effective 18 June 2022).

Malindo Air resumed its direct service from KUL to Perth on March 3 this year and is now operating at a frequency of four weekly flights.

SectorFlight No.ETDETAFrequencyStart Date
KUL/DPSOD17716:5520:10Days 1/3/5/717 June
DPS/MELOD17722:0005:40Days 1/3/5/717 June
MEL/DPSOD17807:0011:25Days 1/2/4/617 June
DPS/KULOD17812:2515:30Days 1/2/4/617 June
KUL/DPSOD15718:0521:10Days 2/4/618 June
DPS/BNEOD15722:0005:50Days 2/4/618 June
BNE/DPSOD15807:1511:45Days 3/5/718 June
DPS/KULOD15812:4515:45Days 3/5/718 June

Malindo Air chief executive officer Captain Mushafiz Bin Mustafa Bakri said;


“Many customers comprising Malaysians and foreigners have reached out to us requesting flights to Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, following the announcement on the reopening of borders for international flights from 1 April, Malindo Air has immediately resumed flights to Lahore (Pakistan); Kathmandu (Nepal); and Dhaka (Bangladesh).”

“Indeed, we are also pleased that the recommencement of our services to Australia and India will allow families to reunite after being separated for so long due to the Covid-19 crisis and global travel restrictions. To avoid inconvenience, may we remind all passengers to check entry and exit requirements before their journeys with travel restrictions still remaining in place in some countries. We are committed to putting health and safety at the forefront of our passenger’s journey.”

Mushafiz also said, “With many countries relaxing their borders to welcome back tourists, we have also started to ramp up our schedules. However, it will take much longer before passenger demand increases, and revenue approaches pre-pandemic figures again. We hope things will turn around soon.”

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