Maharashtra Eases Quarantine Norms For International Flyers


The ministry of civil aviation and government of Maharashtra, on Thursday 13th August, have eased the quarantine norms for Maharashtra that have been framed for preventing further transmission of coronavirus in the state.

The decision was taken in order to avoid the stress for passengers arriving at Mumbai’s International airport and reduce the time taken for exit of arriving passengers from the airport.

Some international passengers arriving at the airport can now skip the mandatory institutional quarantine, CSMIA (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport) said in a statement.

“Concessions on quarantine regulations have been made for international passengers traveling because of an emergency and those who have undertaken an RT-PCR test within 96 hours of their journey. The initiative enables arriving passengers to fill the self-declaration form online at least 72 hours before their scheduled travel to be exempt from institutional quarantine,” said CSMIA.


As per the new norms:

  • All inbound international passengers have to undergo two stages of quarantine on arrival, according to the state government’s directives. The passengers have to undergo a seven-day institutional quarantine followed by seven days of home quarantine.

However, passengers can now bypass the institutional quarantine by filling in the self-declaration form 72 hours before their journey.

  • Passengers will have to upload proof of the negative RT-PCR test undertaken within 96 hours of the journey.
  • In the event of any emergency such as pregnancy, death in the family, serious illness, and people with children below 10 years of age, home quarantine of 14 days will be considered legally sufficient, said CSMIA. 

In addition, CSMIA, together with the Airport Health Organization (APHO) team, has set up a green channel for all arriving passengers who have completed the applications on the online portal.

Remember, if there is no emergency or if the negative RT-PCR test is not submitted to the portal on time, passengers will be subjected to the mandatory two-stage quarantine.


All domestic and international passengers still have to undergo a thermal examination at the airport, said CSMIA.

All domestic passengers arriving at CSMIA are required to adhere to a 14-day home quarantine, and a stamp is placed on the left side of the passenger by government-appointed officials.

Travelers who wish to leave the city within seven days can present their travel ticket confirming their return or onward travel to be released from quarantine home.

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