London’s Heathrow Airport to Lift Passenger Cap Starting Oct 29 


According to a New York Times report, London’s Heathrow Airport will lift the 100,000 daily passenger cap on October 29. The airport in August extended the cap’s original expiration date of September 11 to late October.

The passenger limit was imposed to reduce queues, baggage delays, and flight cancellations at the UK’s busiest and largest airport, which was struggling to cope with a rebound in travel.

It is worth noting that most industry organizations and airlines were outraged when the cap was announced, with Emirates calling it an “unreasonable and unacceptable” demand, but each worked with the airport to comply.

Now, Heathrow Airport has decided to lift the cap after experiencing fewer cancellations and shorter luggage wait times, according to the report.


The Wall Street Journal first reported on Monday that the airport has informed airlines that the passenger capacity at its terminals will be increased later this month.

Many airports and airlines in Europe struggled to hire enough staff to manage check-ins and baggage as post-lockdown travel began to pick up.

Since the cap was implemented, Heathrow had claimed that passenger journeys had improved with fewer last-minute cancellations, better punctuality, and shorter wait times for bags.

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