List of upcoming long weekends in Sep-Dec 2019


What is the first thing comes in your mind when you here about a long weekend? Obviously, a Trip or Holiday with your friends or family. So here we have prepared a list of upcoming long weekends in 2019. We have listed out the best where you can get 3-4 days of a long weekend in the last four months of 2019 without taking too many leaves.

Design/Plan your holidays package or fix departure accordingly to make the best the best profit out of it.

Long Weekends in September

31 August, Saturday: Weekend
01 September, Sunday: Weekend
02 September, Monday: Ganesh Chaturthi (Restricted Holiday)

Long Weekends in October

October 2, Wednesday: Gandhi Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)
October 3, Thursday: Take Leave
October 4, Friday: Take Leave
October 5, Saturday: Weekend
October 6, Sunday: Weekend
October 7, Monday: Ram Navami (Restricted Holiday)
October 8, Tuesday: Dussehra (Gazetted Holiday)


This is the longest weekend in 2019 that you can enjoy it in the holiday destination of India.

Long Weekends in November

November 9, Saturday: Weekend
November 10, Sunday: Weekend
November 11, Monday: Take a Leave
November 12, Tuesday: Guru Nanak Jayanti (Gazetted Holiday)

Long Weekends in December

December 21, Saturday: Weekend
December 22, Sunday: Weekend
December 23, Monday: Take a Leave
December 24, Tuesday: Christmas Eve (Restricted Holiday)
December 25, Wednesday (Gazetted Holiday)

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