Latest Guidelines For International Passengers Arriving At Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, And Bangalore Airport


As the international flights are being resumed gradually, the airports have issued a new set of guidelines amid the new strain of Covid-19 that emerged in the United Kingdom.

We suggest all passengers should check the latest COVID-19 Guidelines, Test requirements, and quarantine norms from the concerned airline or embassy before commencing their journey.

In India, each state has issued specific guidelines for international arriving passengers. No quarantine is required for passengers arriving with a negative RT PCR certificate provided the test is conducted within the stipulated period from the date of journey.

However, as per the guidelines issued by the govt. of India, all passengers arriving from the UK must undergo RT-PCR test both in India & UK.


Here are the guidelines issued by four major international airports of India for international arriving passengers.

1. Delhi Airport

Passengers Arriving From UK
  • All passengers arriving from the UK get the test done in the UK.
  • The passengers must upload a Negative RT-PCR Test report via self-reporting form on the Air Suvidha Portal on before boarding the flight from the UK.
  • The sample for the RT-PCR test must be collected within 72 hours of the journey.
  • Furthermore, they must also undergo RT-PCR Test at the first arrival port in India.
  • The travelers are also required to undergo a mandatory 7-day institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home quarantine.
No Exemption on Quarantine

Institutional Quarantine for passengers arriving from the UK is mandatory. There will be no exemption as per the Delhi Govt. guidelines.

2. Mumbai Airport

At the CSMIA, 14 days’ institutional quarantine is mandatory for all passengers arriving from From UK, Middle East, and Europe.

All the passengers will be subjected to RT-PCR testing on the fifth or seventh day after quarantine.


As per the revised S.O.P., the passengers having their last destination out of Maharashtra are allowed to take connecting flight/ travel to their destination, subject to having RT PCR Negative Test Report. Further, as per the other revised guidelines, an exemption can be considered for Pregnant Women and in case of death of immediate family members.

During the implementation of the policy and handling of passengers at the Airport, it is witnessed that there are some cases such as –

  • Elderly passengers above 65 years needing support.
  • Parents accompany children below 5 years.
  • Passengers having a serious illness and require medical attention such as cancer, physical disability, mental illness, cerebral palsy.
  • Extreme family distress condition i.e. Father/Mother/Son/Daughter in critical condition.

The passengers from the above categories request an exemption from institutional quarantine at the Airport. Considering the fact that these illnesses may require special attention and hence may be considered for exemption from institutional quarantine.

3. Hyderabad Airport

  • Travelers need to declare their travel history and share the self-declaration form for the COVID-19 test at
  • All passengers should carry a negative RT-PCR test report conducted within 72 hours of departure which should be updated on the same portal as well.
  • A self-paid RT-PCR test will be mandatory at the arrival airport for all passengers traveling in from the UK.

4. Bengaluru Airport

  • ALL international passengers arriving at BLR airport must carry a COVID-19 negative certificate (issued within 72 hours from departure).
  • International passengers with a valid RTPCR negative certificate will be exempted from home quarantine.
  • International passengers without RT-PCR negative certificate will need to take a mandatory RTPCR test at the Airport and stay in home quarantine until the result are shared with the respective authority.
For Passengers Arriving From UK

All passengers arriving from UK until January 30, 2021 must ensure the following:

  • Submit a self-declaration form on the online portal ( at least 72 hours before travel
  • Carry a negative RT-PCR test report, conducted within 72 hours of the start of the journey. Upload the report on the above-mentioned portal before boarding the flight.
  • ALL passengers arriving from the UK have to undergo an RT-PCR test (self-paid) on arrival at BLR Airport
  • Passengers who test positive will require institutional isolation at a facility determined by the State Health Authorities. Those who test negative are mandated to follow home quarantine for 14 days

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