Kuwait To Resume Direct Flights To UK Starting June 13


In a cabinet meeting on Monday, the Govt of Kuwait has decided to resume direct flights between Kuwait and the United Kingdom (UK) starting from 13th June.

Kuwait will operate one direct flight to London per week for each licensed airline, the decision said.

The Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) has been tasked with organizing the flight schedule so that each airline company has one flight a week.

The decision came after Kuwait gradually starts lifting restrictions on vaccinated travelers. So far, only Kuwaitis who are vaccinated can leave Kuwait, with a few exceptions.


Those who are exempt from the decision are pregnant women, those who have a certificate from the Ministry of Health stating their inability to receive the vaccine due to health conditions, children under the eligible age, students studying abroad, and members of the diplomatic core.

While flights are set to resume between Kuwait and the UK, non-Kuwaitis are still barred from entering Kuwait until further notice.

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