Kuwait Suspends All Passenger Flights From India


Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Saturday in a tweet announced the suspension of all commercial flights coming from India, effective April 24 and until further notice.

The decision comes after the instructions of the health authorities in the State of Kuwait, and after the evaluation of the global coronavirus pandemic status.

A circular issued by the DGCA Kuwait to all airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport stated:

  • Suspend all direct commercial flights arriving in the State of Kuwait from the Republic of India.
  • All passengers arriving from the Republic of India are not allowed to enter the country, either arriving directly or via another country unless they have resided outside the Republic of India at least (14) days prior to arrival to the state of Kuwait.
  • Kuwaitis and their first-degree relatives (husband-wife — children) and their domestic workers are exempted.
  • Operation of air freight flights will continue from the republic of India
  • This circular will be effective from Saturday (24/04/2021) at (00:01) Kuwait Local time and until further notice.

Indian Low-cost carrier, Air India Express has also informed its passengers about the suspension and said, “Attention passengers traveling to Kuwait! All commercial flights from #India to #Kuwait stand suspended effective 24th April 2021.”


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