Kuwait Issues New Guidelines For International Travelers: All Details Here


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Kuwait on Friday issued new guidelines for international travelers and made a home quarantine for 10 days mandatory for Arrival in the state of Kuwait.

These instructions apply to those coming to the state of Kuwait starting from Sunday (26/12/2021) at (00:01) Kuwait Local time and until further notice.

The DGCA Kuwait in a circular issued to all airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport stated;

Kuwait New Travel Guidelines

Based on the decision of the Council of Ministers in the—State of Kuwait, and after the evaluation of the global coronavirus pandemic status, please adhere to the following: –


First – Departure from the state of Kuwait

It is not permitted to travel outside the State of Kuwait for citizens those who have been 9 months since receiving the completed and approved doses by the State of Kuwait of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine are considered incomplete immunized unless receives the booster dose from the approved vaccines effective Sunday 02/01/2022 at 00:01 state of Kuwait local time.

Second: Arrival in the state of Kuwait

  • Not to accept any arrival passengers to the state of Kuwait unless obtaining negative PCR test certificate proving free from coronavirus, provided valid for 48 hours from the date of the swap (test) to the time of acceptance on the flight.
  • Home quarantine for 10 days will be implemented after the arrival to the state of Kuwait with the possibility of ending the quarantine before that time in the event a PCR test is performed at least 72 hours from the arrival time proving free from coronavirus.

Third: Proof of Immunization

Immunized in the state of Kuwait:

• Must proof immunization upon arrival to the country through (Immune or Kuwait mobile ID).

Immunized outside the state of Kuwait:

  • Immunization to be proven by presenting vaccination certificate includes the following:
    • Name matching to travel passport.
    • Type of vaccination received.
    • Date of doses taken.
    • Name of vaccine agency.
    • Electronic Readable QR code.
    • If no QR code is available, then the vaccination certificate must be uploaded through the Ministry of Health website for authentication.

Fourth: Domestic worker

Non-immunized domestic workers can be recruited as listed in the above Item by registration in (Bilsalamah) platform.

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