Kuwait Extends Entry Ban For Non-Kuwaiti Citizens Till Further Notice


Kuwait’s Civil Aviation Authority on Saturday announced that it was extending an entry ban for non-Kuwaiti citizens until further notice as part of coronavirus restriction measures, it said on Twitter.

However, Kuwaiti passengers will continue to enter and be subjected to institutional quarantine (7 days hotel and 7 days at home).

A press release by DGCA of Kuwait stated;

“The General Administration of Civil Aviation announced, that based on the instructions of Health Authorities to face the repercussions of spread Covid-19, especially after the emergence of mutated strains of Corona virus, the new procedures will be implemented at Kuwait International Airport as of Sunday 21/2/2021,”


“In a press release today, Friday, the Civil Aviation said that all passengers arriving via direct flights from high-risk countries will be required to quarantine in any locally approved hotels for a period of (14) days on their own cost by registering in “Kuwaitmosafer” platform, and the passengers arriving from other countries will be required to quarantine in any locally approved hotels for a period of (7) days, on their own cost, by registering in “Kuwaitmosafer” platform, and the quarantine period will be completed for another (7) days at home.”

“The statement said that (Kuwaiti patients seeking treatment abroad – Kuwaiti students studying abroad – minors under 18 and unaccompanied travellers -members of the diplomatic corps – medical staff) excluded from institutional quarantine, and they are subjected to home quarantine for a period of 14 days.”

“The statement stressed that no passenger will be accepted onboard flights arriving in the State of Kuwait without registration in “Kuwaitmosafer” platform via a link (https://Kuwaitmosafcr.gov.kw)”

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