Kuwait Announces New Entry Rules For Passengers


The Govt. of Kuwait has introduced a program as a new entry rule for all the arrivals called – The MUNA program which links a wide network of accredited laboratories and guarantees the reliability of PCR test certificates.

And the country made it mandatory for every passenger who is arriving at Kuwait to go through the program.

For this purpose, a traveler can only enter Kuwait if his health data is made available through the MUNA program.

As per the authorities, this is invaluable for the country’s health authorities to verify through the program all the details of the PCR test before the passengers’ arrival to Kuwait.


The program will also help to let the authorities know regarding the name of the laboratory the test was carried out and the medical history of the passengers.

Hence, Muna is considered the first line of defence against the coronavirus infection spread, Al Qabas daily reported.

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