Kuwait Airways to lay off 1,500 foreign employees


Kuwait Airways will lay off 1,500 foreign employees due to the impact on its business by the coronavirus pandemic, the state-owned airline said on Thursday.

The job cuts will affect non-Kuwaiti employees and be across the airline, it said in a tweet, without disclosing which departments the layoffs would come for.

Kuwaiti newspaper al-Qabas earlier reported the airline was cutting 25% of its 6,000 workforce, though employees holding Kuwaiti or Gulf citizenship would not be laid off.

The newspaper also said employees married to Kuwaitis would be safe from the job cuts.


It said the decision comes as part of a “comprehensive plan” to deal with the pandemic’s economic impacts which meant the company is facing “significant difficulties”.

Kuwait Airways, which has a fleet of 30 aircraft, has been mostly grounded like almost all airlines in the Middle East due to the massive lockdowns.

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