Kolkata Airport Introduces Open Transit Facility To Public


The highly anticipated domestic-to-domestic transfer facility for transit passengers at Kolkata Airport, became operational on Friday evening.

Around 300 passengers used the facility on the first day. Airport officials said the numbers should rise over the weekend.

The facility allows transit passengers to go straight to the departure security area upon arrival at the airport, after being searched at a dedicated security screening portal.

  • The new facility will improve social distancing protocol compliance and security at the Kolkata airport terminal, and reduce the hassle for transit flyers, according to the officials.

“The facility saves 50 to 60 minutes of transit time, as passengers now have to leave the terminal on the arrivals level, take the elevators to the departures level, re-enter the terminal after the necessary checks at the gate and then undergo a security check.” explained an airport official.

  • The 24,000 square meter transfer facility was developed with a dedicated security control portal that offers a capacity of 300 passengers per hour.
  • The infrastructure expansion for the facility includes two baggage X-ray machines (one of them with an automatic retrieval system for trays), three search cabins (one for women and two for men) and three special elevators for transport to the security area.
  • Separate toilets and an expanded security area with two new bus Bus boarding gates for aircraft parked in remote bays. This increases the number of bay gates removed from six to eight.

However, the facility will only assist passengers booked with the same airline for flights arriving or departing from Kolkata.

Those who have booked with different airlines will have to collect their luggage in the arrivals hall, leave the terminal and go to the departures step to complete the formalities.

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