Travelling to Kolkata? Here’s All You Need to Know About New Liquor Limits at the Airport

The state excise department has decided to enforce the 2-litre-per-passenger rule on liquor bottles. Passengers are allowed to carry only up to 2 litres of alcohol, and checks are conducted randomly and after receiving information.

Passengers travelling to Kolkata from within India Here’s an important update: Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport has increased its vigilance over the amount of alcohol carried by domestic passengers travelling to other cities or arriving in Kolkata.

On liquor bottles, the state excise department has decided to enforce the 2-litre-per-passenger rule.

According to The Telegraph India, the state excise department has increased personnel and staff at the domestic section of Kolkata airport in order to effectively enforce the liquor rule.

The rule has been in place for a long time, but more emphasis is being placed on increasing vigilance regarding the 2 litres of liquor per passenger rule.


Applicable to All Types of Alcohol

The 2-litre-per-passenger rule applies to all kinds of liquor, including;

  • Beer
  • Foreign Liquor Made in India
  • Foreign Liquor Packed in India
  • Foreign Liquor packed in Origin, and
  • Wines

Each passenger flying from or to Kolkata needs to abide by the rule. Those who fail to comply with the rule will face action from the excise department.

Passengers Can Only Carry Up to 2 Litres of Alcohol

According to a department official, passengers can purchase various types of liquor from licenced outlets in Kolkata but can only carry bottles with them up to the capacity of 2 litres.

The bottles can be completely closed or completely opened. The rule applies to every passenger, not every ticket, and personnel may randomly inspect a passenger’s luggage. After the department receives information, checks are also performed.


All passengers are expected to abide by the rule. All passengers’ bags and luggage are checked and scanned at various points throughout the Kolkata airport.

To prevent any violations of the law, the state excise department has increased its vigilance in enforcing the 2-litre-per-passenger rule.

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