Kazakhstan Announces Visa-Free Entry For Citizens of India, Iran and China


Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country on Sunday announced a 14-day visa-free entry for citizens of India, Iran and China.

According to the Migration Office Committee’s press service, Kazakhstan has implemented a unilateral visa-free policy for nationals of India, Iran, and China beginning July 8. Meanwhile, the 72-hour visa-free transit window for India and China has ended.

Per a statement made by the country’s customs authority, visa-free stays cannot exceed more than 42 days every 180 days.

It is important to note that the visa-free regime is only for Visit and Tourism purposes and it does not provide the right to work or engage in any other paid activity in Kazakhstan. A work permit is required in advance for this.


Last month, Kazakhstan announced that it has a plan to establish a visa-free regime with over 100 countries.

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