Karnataka Remove Covid-19 Test Requirement For Vaccinated Travelers From Maharashtra


The State Govt of Karnataka on Friday announced that fully vaccinated travelers from Maharashtra will no longer be required to show a negative Covid-19 test to arrive in Karnataka.

This will apply to all travelers arriving into the state via any mode of transportation i.e. flights, trains, Buses any other road transport, or personal vehicles. However, they need to show a certificate of full vaccination against Covid-19 upon being asked.

The announcement comes after the Govt. of India relaxes the pre-departure testing requirement for international passengers arriving in India.

It is worth mentioning that due to rising cases of Omicron in Maharashtra, Kerala, and Goa, the state govt of Karnataka has imposed travel restrictions and required a negative RT-PCR test report done within 72 hrs. prior to their departure.


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Karnataka Removes Covid-19 Test Requirements For Maharashtra Arrivals

Now, Karnataka Govt. has issued a waiver of negative RT-PCR report for those arriving from Maharashtra and said;

In view of current COVID-19 situation, the mandate of possessing RT-PCR negative test report shall be discontinued for those arriving from the state of Maharashtra (Airways, Railways, Road Transport and personal vehicle). However, the production of two dose/full dose vaccination certificate shall be continued with strict enforcement.

The above revised surveillance measures are notified herewith to be complied for arrivals from Maharashtra until further orders.


It must be noted that the above-mentioned relaxations are only for travelers who are arriving from Maharashtra, those who are traveling from Kerala and Goa are still required to show a negative RT-PCR test report done within 72 hrs. of their departure.

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