Jet Airways To Operate Proving Flights On May 15 And 17


Jet Airways, the Indian full-service carrier which has been grounded since April 2019, has plans to operate two proving flights for May 15 and May 17, a DGCA official confirmed on Friday.

It should be noted that operating a proving flight is the final stage in obtaining an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the aviation regulator.

As per a report of PTI, DGCA officials confirmed that the proving flights of the Jet Airways, using its B737 aircraft, are scheduled to take place on May 15 and May 17. However, the airline did not respond to PTI’s request for a statement.

What is proving flight? 

Proving flights are comparable to commercial flights, but they include officials from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and executives and flight crew from the carrier onboard.


While operating proving flights, airline personnel must work in the same manner as when conducting commercial operations to prove preparedness and safety standards.

Jet Airways’ Test Flight

In order to secure the AOC, on May 5, Jet Airways flew 9W101 between Hyderabad and Delhi using its Boeing 737 (VT–SXE), an aircraft previously operated by Jet Airways under its previous management and was subsequently leased out to SpiceJet.

Jet Airways will most likely return in the July-September quarter.

Email from CEO Sanjiv Kapoor to Jet Airways Employees

Earlier today, Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor stated in a message to employees that the carrier will have the best possible app, website, and IT systems and services, ‘but without compromising the human touch.’ According to Kapoor, employees should focus on professionalism, and the airline will be more customer-focused this time.


“Human interaction cannot be fully replaced by technology — it must always be there as a backup, especially when things go wrong (during irregular operations, etc).”

Jet Airways will announce its aircraft order soon after receiving its air operator certificate (AOC), noted Kapoor’s email.

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