Jet Airways Successfully Operated First Set of Proving Flights


Jet Airways has conducted the first of three proving flights on Sunday, with 18 people on board, including officials from the aviation regulator DGCA. The airline said that it will be operating the second set of two proving flights on Tuesday, May 17.

It is worth noting that operating a proving flight is the final stage in obtaining an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the aviation regulator.

First Set of Proving Flights

According to sources, the first of three proving flights took place on the Delhi-Mumbai route. The second flight was supposed to return to Delhi, but after it took off from Mumbai, officials from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) directed the pilots to divert it to Ahmedabad.

Jet Airways 1st Set of Proving Flight

According to reports, the DGCA diverts aircraft during proving flights to test a new airline’s readiness to handle such circumstances.


The second flight landed safely in Ahmedabad, and the third flight took place sometime later on the Ahmedabad-Delhi route.

According to the airline, the aircraft used for these three proving flights was a Jet Airways Boeing 737 with the registration number VT-SXE, an aircraft previously operated by Jet Airways under its previous management and was subsequently leased out to SpiceJet.

According to sources, there were 18 persons on board the plane during these three proving flights, this includes four cabin crew members, two pilots, and 12 others, including DGCA officials and top executives from Jet Airways.

Five landings to complete proving flights

It must be noted that the airline must complete five landings (five flights) in order to successfully complete its proving flights. Three landings were carried out on Sunday, so the remaining two will take place on Tuesday.


Apart from that, in order to secure the AOC, on May 5, Jet Airways flew a test flight 9W101 between Hyderabad and Delhi using its Boeing 737 (VT–SXE).

Jet Airways did not answer PTI’s request for comment on its proving flights. Jet Airways did a test flight to and from Hyderabad on May 5 in order to secure the AOC.

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