Jazeera Airways Adds IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) As New Payment Mode


Jazeera Airways, the first privately owned airline in the Middle East on Wednesday informed that they have successfully implemented payment through the IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) as a new and additional Mode of payment for Group Bookings.

IFG (BSP) payment is only available for Travel Agencies registered with Jazeera Airways.

About IATA Financial Gateway (IFG)

IATA Financial Gateway (IFG)

IFG is a system designed to facilitate and simplify the selling, reporting, and remitting procedures of IATA-accredited passenger sales agents, according to the IATA website. As a response to this decision, everyone has highly appreciated and mentioned that this mode of payment has indeed enhanced yet simplified the business experience for the travel partners.

This new and additional Mode of Payment was introduced when the Airways decided that they will discontinue its availability on all GDSs (Galileo & Amadeus) about 15 months ago. The availability of the IFG (BSP) payment will be for Travel Agencies registered with Jazeera Airways only.


Booking And Payment Process:

  • Agents login to the Jazeera portal through their login credentials.
  • Agents choose the required itinerary and go to the payment page.
  • At payment choice, agents will have payment options
    • Top-up account (Cash deposit)
    • IFG (BSP payment module)
    • Credit card (Master and Visa)
  • Authorization is done by IATA to check agent is active and can be billed on BSP.
  • Billing is added to issuing agents’ BSP billing and would be paid as per the usual BSP calendar

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