Japan Airlines To Operate Relief Flight From India On 19th August


Japan Airlines in an announcement said that the airline will be operating a special relief flight from India to evacuate the Japanese stranded in the country.

The flight will be operated from India’s Delhi airport to Japan’s Haneda airport on 19th August 2020.

But note, that the stated relief flight is restricted to carry Japanese nationals and Permanent Residents only.

For kind perusal below are the flight Details:

  • DEL- HND (JL030) – 19th Aug 2020.
  • Only JL030 DEL – TYO shall carry passengers, reservation JL039 TYO – DEL shall remain closed, said the airline in the announcement.

Booking for this special flight has already open and those who are interested can book their flights through Japan Airline’s website, GDS, and Travel Agents.

Booking RBD / Class – Book B class for Economy & C class for Business.

  • Passengers holding Japan PR will also be permitted on these flights irrespective of their nationalities, Hence,
  • Japan Airlines shall accept the booking for Indian Nationals falling in this category.

Non-Japanese falling in five categories are allowed to enter Japan which is:

  1. Special Permanent Residents
  2. Permanent Resident
  3. Long Term Residents
  4. Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals
  5. Spouse or child of Permanent Resident

For any other Travel restrictions imposed in the passenger’s region of stay, please refer to the Consulate & other Competent Authorities of Japan.


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