Jalesh Cruise Operated MV Karnika to Discontinue Operations


Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the owners of MV Karnika has stated that it is not in a position to start the operation as the ports in India have not been given the date by which cruise ships can start its operations due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This sector has been devastated by COVID-19. It’s predicted that 120 million jobs are at risk, with economic damage likely to exceed over $1 trillion according to the report released by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres that draws on UNWTO data to quantify the devastating impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on global tourism. 

Since the operations were at standstill since March 2020, there were mounting debts outstanding. These Creditors arrested the ship through the Admiralty Court.           

Owners have also appealed to the High Court and the Port Trust for assistance to provide fuel, power and basic supplies to the 60 crew members that are on the ship. However, they have yet to receive an update on their appeal from the High Court along with the port trust.


Unfortunately, due to this delay, the crew on the ship are living in poor conditions with no fuel, power, etc. We are hoping to get the crew members signed off and relieve them so that they can go home, as soon as the legal formalities are completed.

The senior Management commented, “We would like to reassure the crew and their families that we have not forgotten about them, hence, have put the right wheels in motion. We have asked for urgent indulgence with the relevant authorities and are waiting for their feedback.”

“In addition, we assure our crew members that they will receive their salaries as soon as the funds are received. The main priority is to reunite the crew with their families.”

MV Karnika has been in Mumbai, India since March 12, 2020, and has been in-operational in India ever since.


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