Ireland Will Pay You $90,000 to Live on a Remote Island!

Ireland is providing cash grants of approx. $90,000 to individuals who wish to relocate to its remote coastal islands as part of the Our Living Islands initiative. With the aim of revitalizing these communities, the government offers financial incentives for settling in dilapidated properties.

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the chaos of city life and living on a remote island? Well, Ireland is now making that dream come true while also offering financial incentives.

In an exciting new initiative called Our Living Islands, the Irish government aims to revitalize its offshore communities by providing substantial cash grants to those who choose to relocate.

This article explores the details of this unique opportunity and highlights the potential benefits of moving to Ireland’s secluded coastal islands.

The Our Living Islands Initiative

Ireland’s Our Living Islands project launched as part of a wider policy, aims to bolster the populations of the country’s offshore islands. By encouraging individuals to settle on these remote landmasses, the government seeks to ensure the long-term sustainability and vitality of these communities.


The initiative offers a promising chance for individuals to embrace a tranquil island lifestyle away from the bustle of mainland cities.

Generous Cash Grants for Island Relocation

In a move that truly sets Ireland apart, the government has announced substantial cash grants for individuals who choose to make the leap and move to one of the country’s 30 remote coastal islands.

Reports indicate that these islands lack a direct bridge connection to the mainland and are subject to daily isolation due to the tides. With only around 3,000 year-round inhabitants, these communities offer an extraordinary opportunity for a peaceful and secluded life.

Applicants who opt to settle in dilapidated properties on these islands, likely constructed prior to 1993 and left vacant for at least two years, will receive the maximum cash grant of €84,000 (approximately $92,000).


This financial support can be utilized to refurbish the chosen properties, helping newcomers establish a comfortable living environment.

Eligibility and Start Date

While the initiative has garnered significant attention, it remains uncertain whether individuals without visas to live and work in Ireland are eligible to participate. As of now, the program is commenced on July 1, but further clarification regarding eligibility requirements can be found here; – Our Living Islands (

Island Life in Ireland: Worth the Relocation?

The allure of island life is undeniably tempting, but is it a good idea to move to Ireland? According to reports, Ireland offers a better work-life balance compared to many countries, with shorter working hours. This presents an excellent opportunity for those seeking a slower pace of life and a chance to reconnect with nature.

The Cost of Living in Ireland

Considering the financial aspect, it’s important to note that while the average cost of living in Ireland is not considered cheap, it is relatively more affordable than other European countries like the United Kingdom or Sweden. Therefore, individuals considering relocation should carefully assess their financial situation before making a decision.


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