IRCTC ‘Connecting Journey’ Feature Offer A Refund For Missed Trains


The IRCTC has recently added the connecting Journey feature to their website. This feature is very useful for those who want o visit multiple destinations at different destinations at an inexpensive price. determine more about the IRCTC connecting Journey feature below.

Above is that the IRCTC’s official social media announcement where they revealed the launch of the connecting journey feature.

This feature is often wont to easily travel between multiple locations at a less expensive cost. The connecting journey ticket is often purchased by linking the PNR numbers of the 2 trains that you simply are going to be traveling in.


The link for the connecting journey ticket is often easily found on IRCTC’s official website. To book a connecting journey, you’ll first get to have the PNR number of a train that you have already booked.

Moreover, the passenger will need to keep in mind the time between the arrival of the main train and therefore the departure of the connecting train.

The website also recommends passengers to keep a good margin between the 2 train journeys, just in case of platform changes or train rescheduling.

 IRCTC Connecting Journey
Image Source: IRCTC

The IRCTC does not take any responsibility if you miss the connecting train. However, the plus side of the connecting journey option is that you can freely ask for a refund in case you miss the train for any reason. The connecting journey ticket is a special feature that was added by the IRCTC recently.


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