IndiGo to Operate 12 Daily Flights from Eight Cities to Goa’s New Mopa Airport


IndiGo, India’s leading low-cost carrier on Thursday announced 12 daily and 168 weekly new flights to and from Goa’s soon-to-be-opened Mopa International Airport of Goa.

According to the airline’s press release, operations at the airport will begin on January 5th, 2023. IndiGo also stated that this will be the company’s most extensive new station launch to date, connecting Mopa International Airport to eight cities across India, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bengaluru.

It is worth noting that on December 11, 2022, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the state’s second international airport at Mopa in North Goa.

IndiGo Flights Schedule to/from Mopa

Flight No.DepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeEffectiveFrequency
6E 6301Delhi07:25Mopa10:0505-Jan-23Daily
6E 6302Mopa10:35Delhi13:0505-Jan-23Daily
6E 0138Mumbai09:40Mopa10:5505-Jan-23Daily
6E 0628Mopa11:25Mumbai12:4005-Jan-23Daily
6E 6583Bangalore10:10Mopa11:2505-Jan-23Daily
6E 6584Mopa12:05Bangalore13:3005-Jan-23Daily
6E 0973Chennai14:10Mopa15:3505-Jan-23Daily except for Wed
6E 6975Mopa16:05Chennai17:5005-Jan-23Daily except for Wed
6E 6576Delhi17:40Mopa20:2005-Jan-23Daily
6E 6577Mopa20:50Delhi23:3005-Jan-23Daily
6E 0309Bangalore19:50Mopa21:1005-Jan-23Daily
6E 6298Mopa21:40Bangalore23:0005-Jan-23Daily
6E 6341Delhi20:25Mopa22:5005-Jan-23Daily
6E 2253Mopa07:30Delhi09:5506-Jan-23Daily
6E 6943Mopa23:20Pune00:2505-Jan-23Daily
6E 6944Pune05:45Mopa06:4506-Jan-23Daily
6E 6418Ahmedabad05:35Mopa07:1506-Jan-23Daily except for Sun
6E 6419Mopa08:55Ahmedabad10:3506-Jan-23Daily except for Sun
6E 6977Jaipur07:25Mopa09:2506-Jan-23Daily
6E 6978Mopa09:55Jaipur11:5506-Jan-23Daily
6E 7375Hyderabad06:40Mopa08:2006-Jan-23Daily
6E 7376Mopa08:45Hyderabad10:2506-Jan-23Daily
6E 7379Hyderabad10:55Mopa12:3506-Jan-23Daily
6E 7378Mopa13:00Hyderabad14:3506-Jan-23Daily
6E 0743Hyderabad05:35Mopa06:5507-Jan-23Sat
6E 0194Bangalore06:15Mopa07:3507-Jan-23Sat
6E 0744Mopa07:25Hyderabad08:4007-Jan-23Sat
6E 0249Mopa08:05Bangalore09:2507-Jan-23Sat

IndiGo has stated that the new flights are being introduced primarily to meet increasing demand. It will also improve direct connectivity to North Goa.


The present Goa Dabolim Airport (Dabolim, South Goa) will remain active, and IndiGo will continue its existing operations there.

Mr. Pieter Elbers, Chief Executive Officer, IndiGo said;

“We are very excited to announce our largest ever new station launch with new direct connections from the New Goa International Airport in Mopa, North Goa. It’s momentous for us at IndiGo to have such a massive opening. It speaks of our ambition and ability to provide connectivity to our customers and the nation in the best possible way.”

“North Goa has some of the most popular tourist attractions and generally derives more traffic than any other region in the state. From scenic beaches to breathtaking forts and glamourous casinos and nightclubs, Goa certainly is one of the tourist hubs of India. Residents of Goa will also be able to utilize these new services to fly directly to many large cities across India,” the press release said.


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