IndiGo To Deepen Pay Cuts For Senior Staff, Pilots By 10-13%


IndiGo, the leading domestic low-cost airline, has deepened the pay cuts for its executives and pilots by another 10-13%.

This happens a week after the airline announced it would lay off one tenth of its employees to survive the upheavals caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • These additional salary cuts are primarily aimed at the company’s top management, such as Managing Director Ronojoy Dutta, who will cut wages by 35%, while others, such as senior vice presidents, will cut 30% and vice presidents will cut 25%, an associate vice president added that pilot salaries will be reduced by up to 13%.

In May, like most of its colleagues, IndiGo initiated 20-25% wage cuts for senior executives, including pilots, and a phased vacation program for all employees until July to save costs after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The airline’s chief executive then cut the salary by 25 percent, while senior vice presidents cut 20 percent, vice president’s salary 15 percent, and associate vice president’s salary 10 percent.


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However, the airline found it impossible to overcome the economic crisis without making difficult decisions and fired approximately 2,700 people.

The pandemic, which has killed millions worldwide, has hit the aviation sector hard as travel demand remains subdued, even as the country approaches normality after extended periods of lockdown.

Wear Mask. Follow Social Distancing. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.


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