IndiGo – Process for Credit Shell Utilization


Everything you need to know about Credit Shell

credit shell is a credit note created against a cancelled PNR to be used for a future booking, for the same passenger/s.

As you may be already aware. IndiGo is crediting credit shell (CS), account for all bookings affected for cancelled flights due to COVID-19, even though the booking was created through your travel agent or third-party website.

To protect customer loyalty with you. IndiGo advising all such customers to contact you to process the new book, by utilizing the credit account.

When and how do you get a credit shell?

  • f your flight is suspended until 14th April 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a credit shell has been automatically created by IndiGo against your PNR
  • If you cancel a booking for travel up to 30th April 2020, you can create a credit shell from the ‘Edit Booking’ section on the official website of IndiGo.

Where can I view my credit shell balance?

You can easily view your credit shell balance on your itinerary. Click here to retrieve your itinerary and check your balance.


Visit → Edit booking → Retrieve itinerary

What is the credit shell validity?

A credit shell is valid for use up to 1 year from the date of issuance.

How can I redeem my IndiGo Credit Shell?

To make a booking using the credit shell:

IndiGo Credit Shell Process
  • STEP 1 Proceed to search for a flight of your choice
  • STEP 2 On the payment page, select ‘use credit shell’
  • STEP 3 Enter PNR/Booking Reference and Last Name.
  • STEP 4 Click on the ‘Redeem’ button
Credit Shell Payment Option on IndiGo

Alternately you can


Remember to quote your PNR details when you connect with us on these channels.

Please Note: Due to nationwide lockdown, all their call centre services are temporarily suspended.

How to Utilize IndiGo Credit Shell for Travel Agents

  • Make a hold reservation in your IndiGo login ID
  • Drop an email request to [email protected]
  • Mention the PNR where CS (Credit Shell) is available along with your login ID.
  • 6E team will utilize the credit shell and confirm accordingly.

We acknowledge the need to go online and assure you, our teams’ are working round the clock to develop an online utilization module, which we are hopeful will be live by next week, until then kindly bear with us by following the above process.

Few Tips:

  • The credit shell is valid to book until’ 1 year from the date of creation
  • The credit shell can be used for travel on, by those customers who were booked in the original PNR.
  • In the case of multiple passengers, the amount will get equal, split.
  • For further details, please contact your IndiGo account manager.

FAQ on Credit Shell Utilization

1) What is credit shell?

A credit shell is a form of credit note which is created to be applied towards your future IndiGo flight. The Credit shell is valid until 1 year from the date of creation and can be utilized for the same passenger(s).

2) What are the terms and conditions associated with credit shell?

Below are the terms and conditions of credit shell policy usage:

– The credit shell is valid to book until 1 year from the date of creation. You may choose your travel date as per your convenience.

– The credit shell is non-transferable. It can be used for travel only by those customers who were booked in the original PNR.

– In the case of multiple passengers, the amount will get equally divided and utilized accordingly.

3) How to use Credit Shell?

For Travel Agency Booking – To utilize credit shell customer has to contact the respective travel agency.

For Direct Passengers – Currently, it can be booked through our call center or airport ticketing counter.

4) Can I use my credit shell partially?

Yes, and balance can be used before expiration of credit shell.

5) I do not want credit shell and want my money back.

The Airline cancellation is due to the lockdown imposed to manage the outbreak of coronavirus. That is why we’re providing a credit note for all new and existing bookings made till 30th April which can be used for their future travel.

6) I have a group booking (More than 7 Passengers). How can I use a credit shell?

You may get in touch with our group booking department [email protected]  and they shall advise you further.

To get travel updates directly on your mobile, save and send a message at 9461777617 on Whatsapp to start.

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  1. Nobody is responding to my queries and then indigo airline says us to keep safe at home we will help you out via online services

    • If you booked ticket through any third party website you need to contact them only for credit shell utilization.

  2. I have booked ticket through third party application and you are telling If you booked ticket through any third party website you need to contact them only for credit shell utilization.
    And there they are telling indigo passenger go to indigo website.
    I have booked and the flight is cancel due to coronavirus. I am nothing getting any response from your side.I want to reschedule my flight.

  3. I booked directly via indigo mobile app what should I do for credit shell utilization because as per mentioned procedure I book and hold the new booking but for while and mail sent to them but no any reply received in hold time.

    • You can just call them or tweet and ask to adjust payment of new PNR against credit shell.

  4. I called them many times but their no. Only sending us recorded voice messages no one here to attend a call also tweet them but not yet got any reply worst cusotmer services

  5. I booked my ticket from third party but no one responded and also I need to reschedule my flight as it got cancelled due to covid 19. No one helps in that too to whine we need to contact for reseduling the ticket.

    • Only Travel agent or the airline itself can book your ticket against Credit Shell… so keep trying to contact them.

  6. I have booked ticket scheduled for 25th April 2020 via flipkart travel agent . And cancelled via indigo website. How to get Credit Shell for future booking?

    • you will automatically received your credit shell amount but to utilize the same you need to contact either Flipkart or the airline directly.

    • same happening with me, indigo says contact 3rd party agency, flipkart says contact indigo cant help you. worst services given by both

  7. Indigo flight cancelled due to COVID19… Indigo created Credit Shell For future travel…. I want my refund to my originating account….. not in any credit shell

      • I have booked ticket scheduled for 25th April 2020 via make my trip And . How to get Credit Shell for future booking?

  8. I m trying to use credit shell through urs procedure but I didn’t find the credit shell shell option while payment

  9. I have booked ticket on 25th apr. so they cancelled and refunded through credit shell without giving any option to customer whether they need or not, so here they want us to reschedule plan with in 1yr where as few people don’t have any plan or choosen alternative to travel for them what will happen, will the money will lapse or any alternate possibility have to get the money to bank account.
    Waiting for your reply.. thank you.

  10. i am trying to book my credit shell but always giving wrong pnr / incorrect name .. whether i can use my credit shell myself or not??
    because it is mentioned we have to call customer care and customer care is not available ncz of lockdown .. what to do next??

  11. When I book indigo flight through using credit shell message displaying in red/error as redemption agent/member must be same for old and new PNR and unable to submit, plzzzz guide where is error

    • you need to contact ticket supplier from where you booked your ticket… only they can use the credit shell amount.

  12. I booked my return flight for one week in june via flipkart. I paid 23000. How much amount will i get in returning if i don’t want credit note? In figurres

  13. Mera tickets Hyderabad to indhor ke liya that 16aprail ka tha joki cancle ho gaya amount abhi tak ritan nahi aaya yar bhot taklif me hu

    • You need to contact your ticket supplier (from where you booked your ticket)

  14. What will happen if i dont use credit shell within the validity ? I have no plans now to travel for next 2-3 yrs so my money wasted ?

    • If you don’t use your credit shell in the given time limit your credit shell will expire… if you don’t have plan to travel in future you can request the airline for cash refund… if few cases they accepts cash refund request.

  15. Indigo didn’t respond. I did all the above-mentioned procedure to redeem the CS amount. But it isn’t working nobody responded.

    Looking for more cooperation from Indigo staff.

  16. I booked two tickets for my parents from Bagdogara to Amritsar In indigo flight due to lockdown their Flight was cancelled . When again 30 may 2020 I tried to book the ticket they gave excuse that you cannot book ticket through credit shell because it seems earlier you booked the ticket through other agent i.e Flipkart so you have to go through this . When I opened Flipkart there is no option of credit shell . Then I booked my ticket with more money and understand airlines are making fool of passengers and looted them on the credit shell . government is not taking Action on anyone and they have looted hard earned money of public as they have hardly need in the time of pandemic 19 .

  17. My flight was on June 16 n not in may still the flight was cancelled n credit shell was given.i need a refund

  18. I have booked my ticket by HappyEasyGo app of indigo flight. Due to covid-19, my flight was cancelled and credit shell was provided for the same. Can I redim the credit shell via indigo website.

    I am getting no response from the HappyEasyGo. Kindly assit and help. With Regards

    • If you want to redeem the Credit Shell through you need to contact them on call center or visit their office.

  19. The passenger with credit shell expired. Can the family get some refund

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