India’s Passport Rank Improves to 80th, With Visa-Free Access to 57 Countries

In a positive development for Indian travelers, the Henley Passport Index 2023 reveals a notable improvement in India's passport ranking. Climbing to the 80th position, Indian passport holders now enjoy the privilege of visa-free access to 57 countries around the world.

The latest edition of the Henley Passport Index, a widely recognized annual ranking of global passport strength, has revealed some significant shifts in international travel privileges.

While Singapore has dethroned Japan to claim the title of the world’s most powerful passport, India has made noteworthy progress by ascending five places in the rankings.

India’s Remarkable Rise in Passport Strength

Indian passport holders can now rejoice as their travel opportunities have expanded, thanks to a significant improvement in their passport’s ranking.

The 2023 Henley Passport Index places India at an impressive 80th position, marking a remarkable rise in its global mobility. This advancement comes as India now enjoys visa-free access to 57 destinations across the world.


Visa-Free Countries for Indian Travellers

We bring you a compilation of countries and territories with visa-free or visa-on-arrival privileges. For travellers seeking to explore new horizons and immerse themselves in diverse cultures, these destinations offer hassle-free entry. Take a look at the list below:

S. No.CountryVisa Type
1BarbadosVisa Free
2BhutanVisa Free
3BoliviaVisa On Arrival
4British Virgin IslandsVisa Free
5BurundiVisa On Arrival
6CambodiaVisa On Arrival
7Cape Verde IslandsVisa On Arrival
8Comoro IslandsVisa On Arrival
9Cook IslandsVisa Free
10DjiboutiVisa On Arrival
11DominicaVisa Free
12El SalvadorVisa Free
13FijiVisa Free
14GabonVisa On Arrival
15GrenadaVisa Free
16Guinea-BissauVisa On Arrival
17HaitiVisa Free
18IndonesiaVisa On Arrival
19IranVisa On Arrival
20JamaicaVisa Free
21JordanVisa On Arrival
22KazakhstanVisa Free
23LaosVisa On Arrival
24Macao (SAR China)Visa Free
25MadagascarVisa On Arrival
26MaldivesVisa On Arrival
27Marshall IslandsVisa On Arrival
28MauritaniaVisa On Arrival
29MauritiusVisa Free
30MicronesiaVisa Free
31MontserratVisa Free
32MozambiqueVisa On Arrival
33MyanmarVisa On Arrival
34NepalVisa Free
35NiueVisa Free
36OmanVisa Free
37Palau IslandsVisa On Arrival
38QatarVisa Free
39RwandaVisa On Arrival
40SamoaVisa On Arrival
41SenegalVisa Free
42SeychellesVisa On Arrival
43Sierra LeoneVisa On Arrival
44SomaliaVisa On Arrival
45Sri LankaVisa On Arrival
46St. Kitts and NevisVisa Free
47St. LuciaVisa On Arrival
48St. Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa Free
49TanzaniaVisa On Arrival
50ThailandVisa On Arrival
51Timor-LesteVisa On Arrival
52TogoVisa On Arrival
53Trinidad and TobagoVisa Free
54TunisiaVisa Free
55TuvaluVisa On Arrival
56VanuatuVisa Free
57ZimbabweVisa On Arrival

Please keep in mind that travel regulations may change, so it’s always best to check the latest requirements before planning your journey.

Visa Requirements: A Double-Edged Sword

Despite the positive news, Indian citizens still face some hurdles in international travel due to visa restrictions.

To enter a substantial number of destinations, including prominent countries like China, Japan, Russia, the United States, and the entire European Union, Indian travellers are required to obtain a visa. The high visa requirement has been a contributing factor to India’s lower mobility score.


Impact on Other Countries

The ranking reshuffle also affects other nations in terms of passport power. Japan, which held the top position for five consecutive years, dropped to third place as the number of visa-free destinations for its passport holders decreased.

Meanwhile, the United States, a former chart-topper nearly a decade ago, slid two places to secure the eighth position. The United Kingdom, amidst uncertainties surrounding Brexit, managed to rise two spots to claim fourth place, a position it last held in 2017.

Singapore Claims the Throne

Singapore, known for its economic prosperity and global appeal, has now emerged as the new passport power champion. The city-state’s passport allows visa-free entry to a staggering 192 destinations, providing its citizens with unparalleled travel freedom.

This achievement has contributed to a recent influx of individuals seeking Singaporean citizenship, driven by a crackdown on private enterprise in China and geopolitical tensions elsewhere.


However, obtaining Singaporean citizenship remains a challenging feat, with authorities ruling out granting it based solely on an individual’s net worth.

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