Indians In Ukraine Allowed To Travel By Transit Under India-Qatar Air Bubble, But…


The Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt of India on Thursday said Indian passengers who are stuck in Ukraine can return via Qatar, but this will only be possible once Ukraine will open the airspace for Civil Aircrafts.

It is worth mentioning that, Ukraine authorities on Thursday, 24th Feb 2022 imposed a restriction on flights operated using civil aircraft in its airspace due to “potential hazard”.

The announcement comes hours after a conflict zone monitor warned airlines should stop overflights over the risk of an unintended shootdown or cyber attack. Ukraine’s authorities issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen) at 0156 GMT on Thursday, which is due to expire at 2359 GMT unless extended.

The closure of airspace for civilian flights leftover 20,000 Indians, mostly students, stranded in Ukraine.


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The Indian Embassy in Qatar said on Twitter;

“Government of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation has allowed passengers traveling from Ukraine to travel by transit under India-Qatar bilateral air bubble arrangement.”

But, since the Ukrainian airspace is closed due to the Russian military offensive, it is currently not clear how they are to travel from Ukraine to Qatar to take Qatar-India flights, which are operating normally.

This means that travelers flying from Ukraine to Qatar will be permitted to board Qatar-India flights, but only once Ukraine opens its airspace.

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